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8530 C. E. King Parkway
Houston, Texas 77044
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King Academic School of Excellence 

KASE offers the students of Sheldon ISD a high school experience without the distractions of a traditional high school. 


We offer a flexible schedule that allows you the ability to better manage the challenges of life. We have a morning session from 7:10 a.m.—11:10 a.m. and an afternoon session from 11:40 p.m.—3:40 p.m. You are required to come to one of the sessions five days a week. You also have the option to stay for the entire day, which allows you to finish your courses faster and graduate sooner. 


You are able to complete the requirements for the foundation graduation plan as well as the foundation plan with an endorsement. 


One of the amazing options that KASE offers is the ability for you to complete your high school courses in the morning and take dual credit courses at San Jacinto College in the afternoons or evenings. It is quite possible for you to graduate from high school with an industry certification. This would allow you to start working in a well paying job straight out of high school. 

Who is eligible to attend KASE? 

  • You must reside within the physical boundaries of Sheldon ISD. 
  • You must not have already received a GED or high school diploma. 
  • You have to be designated as at risk of not graduating based on the Texas at risk indicators. 
  • You must have previously passed the Algebra I STAAR exam. 
  • If you have 10 or more credits you will be admitted to KASE if seats are available. 
  • If you have fewer than 10 credits you will have to meet with your Academy Principal, Academy Counselor, KASE Academy Representative, and your parent(s) in order to decide whether KASE is the appropriate instructional setting for you.  


How do I apply for KASE?  


You can print the application from the Documents page here on this web site or get one from your counselor at KHS. You will need to fill it out and return it to your counselor or bring it directly to KASE. 



Can I walk at CE King High School's graduation? 


Yes, when you have met all graduation requirements you will be able to participate in the next available CE King High School graduation ceremony. You can also take part in Prom and Homecoming.   


What does it mean to be "At Risk"? 


   There are several criteria that could qualify you as being at risk. You are at risk if you meet any of the following criteria: 

  • You made a 70 or below in two or more classes this year or last year. 
  • You were not advanced from one grade level to the next for one or more school years. 
  • You did not pass one of your end of course exams in the past year. 
  • You are pregnant or you are a parent. 
  • You were placed at a discipline alternative campus this year or last year. 
  • You were expelled from school this year or last year. 
  • You are on parole or probation. 
  • You have previously dropped out of school. 
  • You are designated as a student of limited English proficiency. 
  • You have been in the custody of the Department of Protective and Regulatory services within the last two years. 
  • You are designated as being homeless. 
  • You resided in a residential placement facility in the district, including a detention facility, substance abuse treatment facility, emergency shelter, psychiatric hospital, halfway house, or foster group home in the preceding school year or in the current school year. 


What will be expected of me once I am accepted into KASE? 



You are required to be in attendance at KASE at least 20 hours a week plus one hour a week for each STAAR exam that you have yet to pass. If you fail to meet this requirement you will be placed on a probationary period of three weeks. If you fail to meet the attendance requirement during the probationary period and you cannot produce a valid reason/excuse for your lack of attendance, you will be removed from the KASE program. The KASE campus is open from 7:10 a.m.—3:40 p.m. each day. You can make arrangements to attend other times in order to make up hours. 

   Academic Progress 

You are required to complete a minimum of .5 credits each three week period to stay in good standing. If you fail to meet this minimum requirement, you will be placed on a three week probationary period. During this probationary period you will be required to complete the .5 credit that you did not complete in the previous three week period along with another .5 credit. If you fail to meet the terms of your probation, you and your parents will be required to meet with a KASE administrator to discuss possible removal from the KASE program. 


Students are expected to treat the staff and each other with civility.  


Is there a dress code at KASE?  


Yes, students are expected to follow the Sheldon ISD dress code. 



What technical certification programs can I enroll in at San Jacinto College? 


   Construction Management 

This new program will prepare you to work as a supervisor in the construction industry. 

    Auto Collision 

Collision Repair (ABDR) students are given the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to repair and refinish collision-damaged automobiles following nationally recognized training standards.  


The cosmetology high school operator dual credit certificate of technology program is a course of study designed to meet the needs of high school students who desire to enter the beauty industry in a minimum amount of time.  

    Criminal Justice 

Students who complete this program go to work as law enforcement professionals, in emergency Management, homeland security, and in various positions in social work, corrections, probation, and parole. 

    Culinary Arts 

The Culinary Arts program offered at the San Jacinto North campus will prepare you for a career as a pastry chef. 

   Diesel Technology 

This program will prepare you for a career as a diesel  mechanic. Every student who  has completed this program has gotten a position upon completion. 

    Electrical technology 

This program will prepare you to do household wiring, as well as cooperate construction and electrical related fields in the petro chemical industry. 


This program will teach you the skills that you need in order to be a successful welder in a manufacturing or industrial setting. 

  Pharmacy Tech 

The Pharmacy Technician Program at San Jacinto College provides graduates with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to qualify for entry-level positions in pharmacies as well as prepare them for national certification.  

   Medical Assisting 

This program will help you to develop the skills that are necessary to assist doctors in keeping their practices running smoothly.